1st pic from Matsuda Ryuhei’s instagram:

まほろ駅前狂想曲 お時間あれば^o^

(Mahoro Ekimae Kyōsōkyoku, if you have the time)

2nd and 3rd pics from Eita’s twitter:

まほろ駅前競争曲。(Mahoro Ekimae Kyōsōkyoku)

夜だね。(It’s night, huh.)


A new clip has been released for Yu Irie’s live-action adaptation of Katsumasa Enokiya’s rock ‘n’ roll manga “Hibi Rock” featuring actress Fumi Nikaido as Saki Utagawa performing the song “Sunrise”.

Sunrise was written and produced by DECO*27. “Hibi Rock” will be released nation-wide in Japan on November 22, 2014.

(Source: facebook.com)

(Source: facebook.com)

(Source: whatsin.jp)


能年玲奈 (Rena Nounen): Kinema Junpo - No.1669